Lose 20 Pounds or 6% Body Fat in 42 Days CHALLENGE!

and/ or

Make it a LIFESTYLE and sustain your FITNESS for LIFE!  

We COACH via natural, healthy, training & nutrition methods to help you reach and sustain your goals.
Amazing TRANSFORMATION after 3 months and still going STRONG!
(Super Pumped Up for Coach Blaine & Aubrey)
(Very Proud and Excited for Soka)
6 Week TRANSFORMATION & more GAINZ on the way!
(Fantastic Work - 20LBS DOWN)
Living and leading by EXAMPLE, habits turn into a LIFESTYLE!
(55LBS and 10 years apart - Coach Flex)
We are a team of diverse coaches that will hold you accountable & motivate you to stick to your game plan.
Here's what we cover in the BREAKTHROUGH session:
   --- We spend about 60-75 minutes going deeper over your goals, lifestyle & eating habits that may be preventing you from  meeting your goals.

   --- We will then conduct a 360 body composition scan, that tells us your baseline: bone density, muscle mass, body fat mass, hydration levels and also your caloric and macro breakdown for your nutrition.

   --- Next we analyze your mobility, posture, range of motion, and test your fitness & cardio level. 

   --- We will wrap up by recommending a game plan to hold you accountable ,and help you crush your goals!

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